Homeowner Responsibilities

Property Maintenance

Arbor Pointe is a homeowner's association led by an elected Board of Directors, and governed by association by-laws as well as applicable local and state government regulations.  The by-laws have numerous property maintenance requirements with which all homeowners must adhere.  For example, all homeowners must

  • Promptly repair all home and property damage
  • Promptly dispose of all refuse, garbage, rubbish, leaves, and debris
  • Install landscaping that compliments and enhances the character of the existing vegetation, topography and structure
  • Maintain the grounds of each property, including the common elements in front of each home between the sidewalk and street
  • Mow grass to a height of six (6") or less, remove weeds, and properly trim bushes and trees
  • Maintain property in a safe, aesthetically pleasing, clean and sanitary manner
  • Preserve designated wetlands and easements in keeping with by-laws and applicable laws and ordinances
The list is not exhaustive - for more information, consult the Association By-Laws, and township and county laws.
Property Modification

It is each homeowner's responsibility to submit a completed Arbor Pointe Homeowners Association Request for Approval of Property Modification Form to the Architectural Committee prior to the commencement of any modification to their property.  The Architectural Committee reports to the Board of Directors and was established to review and recommend approval for improvement plans to homeowner's properties.  The Architectural Committee also has the authority to recommend Board approvals that are at variance with the By-laws, so long as they are in basic conformity with the general architectural style and overall deign of the neighborhood and not in violation of applicable local or state regulations.


Requests for fences on homeowner lots must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors, and must be in compliance with applicable bylaws and Board requirements (see Article VI Section 1 F). Fences are not allowed in the front of homes, and all fences must be consistent and uniform.  (See "documents" for more information and request form.)


It is the responsibility of the homeowner to care for grass and trees between the sidewalk and the street. Dead trees must be replaced by owners.  Only large deciduous trees may be planted (e.g. oak, hard maple, hackberry or sycamore).  Refer to By-Laws Article VI, Section 1 (o) page 15.  In 2006, the Association issued a special assessment to all homeowners to replace dead ash trees affected by the emerald ash borer.  The warranty on these trees has since expired, and some of these replacement trees have since died and need to be replaced.  Association By-laws require individual homeowners to replace those dead trees as described in the By-laws.  The Association will replace all trees within the common areas.

Please refer to By-Laws, Article VI, Section 8, page 18 regarding vehicles such as trucks, campers, trailers being parked on the streets.