2024 Board Members
     President                            Stephen Marrs    
     Vice President                    Laike Misikir      
     Secretary                           Gregg Pakelak
     Treasurer                          Rick Stites                                                                                      
     Member                             Xiaosen Wang
Would you like to give back to your neighborhood?
We need volunteers!   Contact us if you would like to join or head a committee.
Landscaping Committee:       Heather Wing
Architectural Committee:      Dennis Dembek 
Community and Social Development Committee:          Need Volunteer
Welcome Committee:               Sean and Gemma Almendras
Neighborhood Watch Committee:  Contact us if you'd like to volunteer.
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Landscaping Committee:
This committee will assist the Board in developing standards for the maintenance of existing grounds and landscaping within the community, assist the Board in the development of a plan for improvements to the common area landscaping and assist the Board in monitoring the performance of contractors and vendors retained for the maintenance and improvement of the grounds and landscaping.  The committee will also strive to encourage homeowner maintenance through such programs as Yard of the Month.
Architectural Committee:
The purpose of this committee will be to maintain the integrity of the subdivision by acting as a liaison between the residents and the association.  The members of this committee will be responsible for approving/disapproving owner's plans for additions and alterations to their property.  Each committee member brings a slightly different perspective on how the committee should review and enforce architectural guidelines.  It is important that each member understands the full impact of his or her decisions and, given proper guidelines by the Board of Directors, the Architectural Committee can be a productive and positive force within any community.  The committee will also be responsible for enforcing the bylaws and standards of property maintenance and scheduling repairs when needed.
Community and Social Development Committee:
The purpose of this committee will be to arrange events and social functions for the whole neighborhood.  The committee will serve as a liaison between the homeowners and the association for all social event requests and funds for such events which would be withdrawn from the association funds.
Welcome Committee:
The purpose of the welcoming committee is to assist the Board to reach out to new families upon arrival and ensure that they are made to feel welcome.  This committee also makes new arrivals aware of local attractions and business entities and familiarizes them with the web site and its contents.